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Steve Toase

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Steve is an author, archaeologist and journalist living in North Yorkshire, and occasionally Munich, Germany. As an author he writes mythic fiction, weaving elements of folklore and legend into a contemporary setting. In Steve's work God's are found in boxes, trees hitch-hike and bears play chess in sunlit plaza. To date over fifty of Steve's stories have been published.


In 2009 Steve started reading his work at open mic nights. Since then he has been invited to perform guest slots at Poems Prose and Pints in Harrogate, Takeover Festival at York Theatre Royal and York Literature Festival. He has won the runner up prize in the Harrogate Crime Writing Festival Short story Competition, 3rd place in the Malton Literature Festival Short Story Competition and 3rd place in the Chorley Writers' Circle competition.


His story Call Out has just been published in the Best Horror of the Year anthology 6.


In addition to writing fiction Steve works as a freelance journalist, with articles appearing in BSH Custom Motorcycle Magazine, Fortean Times. He produces accessible, informative articles, drawing on his specialist knowledge of archaeology, motorcycles, the British motorcycle scene, vintage culture, myth and folklore.



What other people say about Steve's writing


"His stories ‘Rising’ and ‘God in a Box’ were read out on two separate spots during the night and with eerie and ethereal creepiness he stunned the audience to silence on both occasions." Vicki Bartram, Pastiche Magazine Review, 


"Steve, have just read Rising in StreetCake. Great stuff. Very atmospheric like Pierre Magnan's writing. Can tell you're a poet."

All the Best, Sally Spedding'



"You were bloody marvellous Steve, I literally couldn't leave until you were done. It reminded me of being a kid and knowing you had to get up for school in the morning but just wanting to read *one more* chapter of a favourite book"

Clare Neruda, Pastiche Magazine


"From the gritty to the magical, Steve's stories are intricate word webs that enchant, surprise and capture." Becky Cherriman Writer, Performer, Creative Writing Facilitator 


"Steve's attention to detail, vivid imagery, and eloquent delivery, made for an extremely special piece of prose that was created for our wedding day. The story had just the right level of complexity, character, and depth for the topic and duration, and he weaved several layers of understanding into the various strands of the plot. He orated exceptionally well; a powerful speaker without letting his delivery dominate the content. We gave Steve free reign on what he produced, and he exceeded all our expectations. I've lost count the number of times that those present have praised him for his work. My wife and I will be forever in his debt."

Adam Linford


"Steve has been a regular at the Open Mic of Poems, Prose & Pints from the very beginning. I love the magical blend of fantasy and reality in his stories, they give me a feeling similar to that I get from reading Neil Gaiman or Dean Koontz. Looking forward to his set as featured artist in September!"

Nicola Everill, Poems, Prose & Pints Organiser.


"Barbs and Vanes is a fantasy story which doesn’t let the setting run away with itself at the expense of characterisation. The central character is not human, yet I was totally caught up in her world, feeling her pain. I loved the literary conceit of casting a writer as the villain in the story – a villain with whom

other writers will empathise, even as they share his prisoner’s struggle to break free."

Andy Humphrey, Judge Malton Literature Festival Open Writing Competition


"My third choice is Glass and Mercury by Steve Toase. It’s a fascinating new take on the Say Mary’s Name into the mirror legend, and is told in a haunting poetic way with beautiful lines – such as Mary is ‘made of moss and spit.’ The story considers the Mary character from the point of view of Mary herself, trapped behind the glass of the mirror and endlessly taunting the living from beyond the grave." David Gaffney Judge, Chorley Writers Flash Fiction Competition


"Looks like he could share an ice cream with Death" Mala Bergstrom Artist and writer